"Papua, Pacific Ocean, Komodo, Bali" Papuan festival
Incredibly exotic. Very few people have been here.
"Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees"
Heart of Africa. The project "Our zoological family".
"Amazonia, volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean"
All landscapes of the equatorial South America
"Safari, Аfrica" (Kenya)
The largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world
This is Africa. Serious safari.
"Orangutans from Borneo and Sumatra"
The inhabitants of the Greater Sunda Islands. The project "Our zoological family".
"In the footsteps of African Adam" Tanzania and Zanzibar
Hunting with the Stone Age tribes, traveling by jeeps in the crater, sailing the Indian Ocean, and much more.

Secret Meridian – tours and expeditions with the geographer

We are the russian team, specialists educated in different fields which include nature and ethnography of the tropics. For more than 15 years we have created adventure tours and revelatory talks based on the facts of academic science, not myths or data from TV or glossy magazines.  Our guides - geographers and biologists, 3 of them are PhD qualified.

+7 (903) 723-45-13

Adventure tours and Expeditions


"Cannibals of Papua" (Indonesia, trekking)

"To the jungle with the geographer"

Active adventure tours to the remotest corners of the tropics

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