Expedition tour to Ecuador price: $ 2550/17 days "The jungle of the distant Amazon, the Andes and the Pacific"

Departure dates 2020: June 28 and October 25

Check the tour dates here or contacts us info@exotravel.ru.

Why go?

Participation in the tour of Ecuador will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with all the landscapes of equatorial South America - the forests of the Amazon, the belt of Andean volcanoes, the dry Pacific coast.

As usual, we try to go beyond the "carousel" of standard touristic routes.The Amazonian Selva is explored in the most remote and uninhabited areas of Ecuador, which are also the richest in the species diversity of the world. Here, on the border with Peru, we will spend a week traveling by canoe and on foot, including the territory of the Yasuni National Park and, in case of low water, on the Amazon beach. 

In the jungle, we will almost certainly see dolphins, turtles, a lot of parrots, hummingbirds, unusual plants and the famous Takarach landscape - the Amazonian Blackwood, a forest on stilts, half submerged in water. As for the Indians, we will see them in any case, as the Quechua create an ethnic basis here. The waterfall of San Rafael is the most beautiful of all the programs seen around the world by the author.

One of these days we will devote to the historical sights of Quito.

The program includes a trip to the active volcano Cotopaxi (5897 m), familiar from school textbooks, for a long time considered as the highest in the world (now the highest active volcano is the Argentine Ojos del Salado). No one will be indifferent to the observation of highland landscapes, including unique paramos, and also (if desired) - hiking to the snow boarder (the rise is from 4400 to 4900 meters, but not easy, because at this altitude there is a deficit of oxygen).

The program ends on the Pacific coast, on the territory of the National Park Machaliyya, the landscape of "Boske Seco" with cacti and dry bushes. On the beach there are no buildings and shops, and birds and iguanas which are not afraid of people. You can use these two days for relaxing on the beach or for horse riding or sea walks.

The program is made in such a way for you to see the whole country from the Amazon Selva to the Pacific coast from the bus window, walk all the key areas on foot and on boats, but never repeat the route (the way back is always by plane). Some standard proposals are intentionally excluded, which, in our opinion, are uninteresting, aimed only at drawing out money, in particular, fake Indian villages and easily accessible national parks and lodges that are crowded with tourists. For the same reason, we do not visit the Galapagos (those who wish can independently and relatively inexpensively, at cost, go on a tour to the Galapagos on the 12th day instead of the National Park Machaliyya: we help to organize this trip for free and sometimes we accompany it.

Those who are interested in history and culture now can spend more time exploring one of the most beautiful cities in South America - Quito, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1978.

Briefly about the tour to Ecuador

  • Quito (a city in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO - Catholic churches and medieval architecture, as well as visiting the equator line)
  • the upper reaches of the Amazon, the Yasun National Park (an expedition to the jungle, the study of nature in the wildest, deserted and rich in species areas of the Amazon - a world record for biodiversity, 6 nights in tents)
  • the river Napo, one of the largest rivers of the upper Amazon (swimming on a wild river beach and a walk along the jungle)
  • the river Aguariko, the left tributary of Napo (it is possible to feed river dolphins and night fishing)
  • one of the highest active volcanoes in the world Cotopaxi (walk through the paramos at an altitude of 4000 m)
  • National Park Machaliyya on the Pacific coast (rest on a beautiful beach on the territory of the national park, optional -
    sea trip, horse trekking or an excursion to the island of La Plata) 
  • Those who wish can fly to the Galapagos



Day 1-2. (f.e. 28-29.06.2020)- Departure to Ecuador, it is possible to transit through one of the South American cities. Arrival in Quito (usually on the 1st day), the beginning of the program. Check in at the hotel. Visit the historic center, visit the main cathedrals and the most interesting sites of the city - the monuments of medieval architecture (Santo Domingo, Carolina Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Francisco, La Company, Merced, Concepcion, Carmen Bajo, Santa Barbara, San Juan, San Roque,
Government Palace, La Catedral, Santa Catalina de Cienna, Capilla "Corazon de Maria"). Visit Mitad del Mundo - the geographical line of the equator.

Day 3.  - Departure early in the morning. On the way we stop: a visit to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world - San Rafael. In the evening we arrive in the town of Koka on the river Napo, a large upper tributary of the Amazon. The night in the best hotel of the village, with an inner courtyard, where gaukamayo parrots sit on branches, along the paths agouti run.


Day 4.  - For breakfast - agouti baked in banana leaves, the famous Amazonian arapaima or caiman. Further we  load on a private boat and start the way down the Napo River (80 km, 4 hours). On the way, we
make a 3 hour excursion to the jungle (to the giant tree Ceiba) on the territory of the huge Yasuni National Park. The National Park takes the first place in the world in terms of species diversity. Night in tents on the river beach or on the cordon of the national park.


Day 5.  - Early morning - watching birds. Dozens of amazon parrots of several species arrive to feed on the "saladero" - places on the precipitous bank of the river, where various animals gnaw out clay to purify the body. Next - the continuation of the path along the river Napo to the border with Peru (140 km, 5-7 hours),
loading on small motor boats and climbing upstream one of the left tributaries - r. Aguariko, in the faunistic reserve. We swim near a beautiful river beach
(if it is not flooded with water). If desired (for a small additional payment), one can observe and even feed Amazonian river dolphins tamed by local colonists.
In the evening and at night - fishing, it is possible to catch a really big fish. Night in tents.


Day 6. - Departure to the Yasuni National Park from the outfall of Yasuni - a hike (about 4 hours) to the lagoon - an extended river lake. The arrangement of a field camp is 15 km away from the village on the shores of the lagoon in the virgin forest. The lagoon teems with life - caimans, piranhas and "river wolves" - giant
otters, huge arapaims and catfish bagre, dolphins and "river cows" - manati. Accommodation in individual tents.


Day 7. - Relaxing day. In the morning we watch birds including the huge parrots of Macau and the famous Amazonian hoatzins. There is an opportunity to see the harpies – monkey eaters. In the afternoon - bathing and fishing piranhas. Before dinner - an excursion to a swampy grove with a palm-tree Moreta - to a place where Indians are engaged in fishing for larvae. After sunset - departure to the lagoon, catching caimans.


Day 8. - Going upstream Yasuni, trekking to the most watershed forest along a trail that is used by local Indians. On the way - visiting the saladero. Perhaps (depending on the season) visit a giant colony of Amazonian black herons (Agamia agami) in a small lagoon 65 km from the village, crawling with caimans. In this case, men will have to cut the way through with machetes for a canoe in narrow channels. On the way back after bathing and lunch we land on the trail with another saladero, on the way we get acquainted with unusual plants. In the evening we
raft down without a motor, we observe the life of the evening selva.

Day 9. - Early morning - watching birds in the lagoon or catching fish (optional), picking up a camp, loading boats. When low water - moving to the river Napo, registration of documents for departure in the village, several hours up the river and the arrangement of the last field camp on a large island with a wild beach, clear water and a sandy bottom. Here we make a large fire and swim. At high water -
moving to the cordon of the national park or in one of the settlements on the river Napo, acquaintance with the life of settler colonists and their plantations. There is an opportunity to try sugar cane, papaya, coffee berries, cocoa fruits, breadfruit, as well as chichu - a traditional Indian drink. In the evening a farewell dinner with songs and dances.


Day 10.  - In the morning we sail up the river Napo by boat to the town of Koka, from there by plane to Quito. Free evening.


Day 11. - Departure to the active volcano Cotopaxi (5897 m). A trip along the territory of the national park, going by car to a height of 4400 m., From there people can walk with a guide to the border of the snow (about 5000 m). The others go down and get acquainted with the landscape of the paramos. Return to Quito, free evening.

Day 12. - Those who want may visit the Galapagos to the archipelago on the morning flight. The rest
will have a big transfer (about 11 hours with short breaks) on a private bus to the Pacific coast. The road is very interesting: spectacular views with kilometer abysses, the life of the local population, drastically changing with the approach of the ocean. Night in the best hotel in a coastal town.


Days 13, 14, 15. - Free days that can be spent on the beach of the National Park Machaliyya: 15 minutes from the city by motoriksh, take food and drink with you - there is not a single shop and few people. The beach is a beautiful place with a virgin nature, an abundance of animals and plants inherent in the landscape "Boske seco" - the dry forest of the Pacific coast. The National Park is called the "small Galapagos". However, usually on the first day there are those who want to go on a sea excursion, including on Isla de la Plata, and also to make a horse tour of the surrounding area. On the second day enthusiasts-sportsmen go on trekking in the most interesting jungle of the national park Mochaliya (10-30 km, details can be discussed). Finally, on the last day, people can dive (do not forget the certificates!), Or, at last, just spend that day on the beach.

Day 16.
- In the morning, transfer to Guayaquil. Along the way, a small stop on the seaside, swimming near a beautiful deserted long beach with ocean waves (be careful! When it is strong wave going into the water is dangerous). We meet those who come from the Galapagos in the airport. End of the program. Evening flight to Moscow through one of the South American cities. Those who wish can stay with the guide for the continuation of the journey through the program "Wild Columbia".

Day 17. - Arrival home (possibly on the night of the 18th day).



Cost of the tour to Ecuador:

$2550 is the services of the company (under the service agreement, 1 USD in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of Russian Federation): organization, booking (including our advance payments), escort of the Secret Meridian instructor / guide), food and cook in all field camps and in the village (evening and morning before sailing to the village), services of the carriers by the program (except for the international flight Moscow-Quito and Guayaquil-Moscow), accommodation (for 2 people), insurance by the program, entrance fee in the museum MitadDel Mundo, local tourvouchers, control of as fast as possible making police permits in areas with a special regime of protection (distant province with a limited entry of tourists, boarder areas), Program Guides, GPS, antimalarial medicine (at escort), tents, mats. Supplement for single accommodation $ 250.

Not included:

- International flights  to Quito and from Guayaquil; (flight through the US is not good if you do not have a visa); taxi from / to the airport to the hotel, if the arrival / departure is different from the arrival / departure of the main group with a guide; at least $ 300 in small bank notes in 1-5-10-20 (!) for pocket expenses: including for excursions "by desire" (horse trekking, sea excursions), meals outside field camps, souvenirs, tips to guides, and also all excursions, transfers, meals and accommodation not by the program. The expenses of those who want to fly to the Galapagos, will increase by another $ 900. This is a ticket to the Galapagos and back, $ 100 - payment at the Santa Cruz airport, recommended excursions, including a trip to Isabella Island.

Important information:

  • Before buying tickets, please pre-arrange a contract with our company and agree on flight data.
  • You should weigh all the pros and cons before taking part in the tours to the jungle in general, especially in the expedition to Ecuador - it's not a beach holiday or a bus tour, but an expedition. Youshould be prepared for rains, ants, midges and mites, as well as for risks related to remoteness from housing in the jungle and living in the highlands.
  • It is necessary not only to vaccinate against yellow fever at least 10 days before departure, but also do not forget to take a certificate of vaccination with you.
  • Ecuador is one of the countries endemic for malaria (although we did not have a single case of the disease). To do or not to do malaria prophylaxis will be up to you.
  • People with cardiovascular diseases should consult a doctor because a few days will be in the highlands.
  • Departure to Quito and return to Moscow can be carried out through various cities, the date of departure and arrival is offset by the day.
  • The trip is designed for people with usual physical preparation, ready for expeditionary conditions, spending the night in a tent and hiking in the mountains and jungles. Age of participants - from 14 years; the top age is not limited to anyone.
  • Excursions are easy or with a small backpack, the main things remain in the hotel or field camp. Take with you from Moscow: a light sleeping bag or blanket, toiletries, clothes, money, documents. A tent and a rug are provided. It is recommended to take a minimum of things.
  • There are no night bus transfers, and day-to-day transfers are carried out, if possible, on a rented car or plane.
  • Group from 4 to 17 people. All men take part in loading and unloading a canoe and setting up a field camp.
  • The head and the author of the project is the candidate of geographical sciences; Accompanying - Candidate of Biological Sciences.
  • Attention! The validity of your passport must be at least 6 months from the date of the end of the trip!


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