Contacts, payment and discounts

DISCOUNTS (except for special price):

  • 100 $ for those who have traveled with us at least once (please remind us if you have!).
  • 100 $ for those who signed an agreement for 6 months prior to departure.
  • 5% group discount for 3-5 people under one contract.
  • 10% group discount for 6 or more people and more, under one contract.
  • 10% discount for agencies (not added).

DISCOUNTS are added! Examples:

  • A group of 6 people who have traveled with us, books a trip to Madagascar six months prior departure, and receives a total discount:

6 * ($100 + $100 + (0.1 * $4200)) = $3720

  • A family of 3 people who have never traveled with us, books a trip to Thailand six months prior departure, and receives a total discount:

3 * ($100 + (0.05 * $1490)) = $523.5

How to join in our journey?

1) Decide on your exact desires, we will be happy to answer all of your questions, please email

2) In order to join the tour we issue you with an agreement. Please complete with your the details of you required tour, dates, passport information (passport be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip).

3) We will send you the agreement signed by us together with any other necessary documentation (essential information, itinerary and what to bring) and an invoice for the deposit (usually it's a little less than 30% of the tour price) which you can pay by the bank transfer. Once you return the signed agreement, and have paid the deposit we will send you confirmation of your place on the tour.

4) On the first day of the tour we will exchange all originals of the signed documents and you will receive your travel insurance documents.


Contact us on all the

Ltd. "Informanaliz" +7 (903) 723-45-13

Official information: "Secret Meridian" is a department of Ltd. "Informanaliz". State registration number of the record to establish a legal entity (BIN): 1037739871510. Opened in April 2004 as a the organiser of the challenging tours to tropics. Consisting in the general russian list of travel agencies under the number of RN100380. Director General: Dmitry A. Chernyakhovsky.

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